Helping you fulfill your PRivate Practice goals


The Designer

Hello, I’m Anna. I’m a native New Mexican transplanted to Georgia to pursue an education, and then career in physical therapy. I’m a business owner and physical therapist myself ( Because of this, I understand the unique needs of a private-practice owner, and the desire to keep start-up costs low and management solutions autonomous.

The Husband

Eric is a native Atlantan with over forty-years of experience in the sales industry. He has managed not only a successful business, but become a leading expert in his industry with his annual awards shows and weekly podcasts. Eric has studied nearly every sales technique out there and is a master NLP practitioner. He loves helping small businesses launch their dreams. Together they write their weekly Logolalia blog, and Eric has some great ideas coming to help your practice succeed.

The Websites

I love being creative, and designing websites is a way for me to express that artistic side. Because I am a business owner, and physical therapist, I can really understand the needs of a healthcare provider’s website, audience, and search engine optimization. My goal is to create a website that is easy to navigate for the client, and helps to inspire and brand your business.

The Logos

Your logo is a token that summarizes the vision of your business. I don’t stop the process of revision until you are 100% satisfied. So far, it has taken as little as two revisions and as many as fifty to get the logo just right. Because I never know just how long the process takes, I’m committed to working on only one logo at a time.

The Forms

I understand what it takes to grow a patient caseload. For this reason I created fillable documentation forms. These are ideal for a private practice that is just beginning to grow and cannot yet justify the monthly expense of a more complex EMR system. As a participating-provider with Medicare, I made the forms to encompass those documentation needs.

Now that my practice is larger, I still continue to use fillable forms for independent contractors as they have small caseloads. My forms are also perfect for cash-based therapists of any case size. Logolalia physical, occupational, and speech therapy forms are available for your growing practice.