Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the fillable PDfs?

Use them on your laptop or download the "Adobe Acrobat” app on your smart phone or tablet. Open and save the fillable forms there. You can duplicate them to make copying forward a previous visit or superbill (medical receipt) seamless with all patient identifying information. Adobe apps are also HIPPA compliant, per their website, so you can easily share those files into your EMR (for example google drive).

Why are you a good fit for designing my website?

I am a physical therapist and have a lot of success marketing my private practice in just the first year of business. I understand what you are selling, who your target audience is, and what key words will help bring in more clients with search engine optimization. Because I have actually been in your shoes, and am not just a website designer I can provide a more integrated and mulit-dimensional experience. Also, I believe the business owner should have autonomy - I will teach you how to add and remove content from your website. And, I don’t have monthly fees. I set you up, and you are free!

How long does it take you to finish a website?

I typically finish a small practice website within 10 to 14 days after talking to you on the phone, understanding your goals and vision, setting a date, and getting all supplemental information from you (staff bios, for example). Larger websites take closer to three to four weeks. A lot of it depends on how quickly you are able to provide me with the information I need.

How long does The logo design process take?

I have had logo designs take as quickly as three days to as long as three weeks. I am a “quick to respond to texts and email” type, if you are one too you can expect your ideal logo to be designed in a matter of days. If it takes you longer to respond to my edits, or you need time to digest the images it can take longer. Your logo is one of the main components of your branding and marketing so the process isn’t over until you are 100% satisfied.

How Do i add my own logo to the forms?

If you go to the instruction page there are links to tutorials on how to add your own logo. If you still aren’t able to figure it out, you can email me directly your logo (in PNG format with transparent background) and I will provide you with a link to purchase the forms with your logo at an additional price of $10/pack (for any office pack, $20 for the comprehensive pack - OT, PT, SLP).

Will you teach me how to add content to my website?

Yes. Each website purchase includes a 30-minute google-hangout chat where we can screen share and I can teach you how to edit or add content, or add a blog.

Are there hidden fees?

No. But the cost of the web design does not include the cost for the domain (example or the host. I use SquareSpace and their pricing is $144/year for smaller websites (20 pages or less, no retail) and $216/year for larger websites (unlimited pages, retail option).

How quickly can you start?

I am also a healthcare provider, private business owner, and mother. My goal is to focus only on one website at a time to provide you unmatched customer service and dedication. One website at a time means I only design two to three websites a month. If I am at capacity, I will place a waitlist on the website and logo stores.

Can you make a different customized fillable PDF for my business?

At present, the forms for sale cannot be altered in color or font. If you would like to create a completely unique fillable PDF form to suit your business or personal needs we can discuss that, e-mail me. The rate is $50 per page.

I already have my forms and want them converted to fillable pdf, do you do that?

Yes. Logolalia charges $2-$10/page (depending on the amount of text fields /check-boxes) to convert your form to a fillable and singable PDF. To inquire about this feature e-mail me at the forms. I can give you a custom quote before going forward.