Our Favorite Books for Growing Your Business

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I like books that I can use and will have an immediate impact on my business. I like books that improve my skills in leadership, communication, and marketing.
— Eric

I like books that inspire me to be a better person all around. My favorite books enhance how I interact with others and the world around me.
— Anna
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Her Favorites

Creative Visualization : Using the Power of Your Imagination to Create What you Want in Your Life - Shakti Gawain

This is probably the first “self-help” book I read. My best friend and I found this in a used bookstore in 1997 for probably thirty cents. We would both agree this book changed our lives. It is the precursor to all of “The Secret” series. This book is all about understanding that there are masculine ways to getting what you want (i.e. actively pursuing your goals) and feminine ways (i.e. creating intention, allowing a receptive pathway for it to come). Shakti’s book is all about harnessing that feminine power.


How to Win Friends & Influence People - Dale Carnegie

It was the first day of PT school, and the anatomy professor, Dr. Kapasi, magically knew every single students' name. I was blown away. He had never even met us before. Throughout my entire time at Emory’s program Dr. Kapasi went above and beyond when it came to making you feel at ease. I asked him, “what is the one book that changed your life?” He said this one. So I read it right away. It is a super easy read, with an amazingly cheesy title. The tenants of the book make sense - and they work.


Pitch Anything - Oren Klaff

When I first starting marketing, I visited physician offices to talk about my private practice. Eric told me I had to read this book before I ventured out. I’m so glad I did. I had never done any type of sales or marketing job and I was clueless. This book really helped me see the invisible power plays occurring when you are trying to “pitch a deal" and how to get the upper hand. I recommend this book for anyone who lacks confidence pitching a sale.


His Favorites

Bold: How to Go Big, Create Wealth, and Impact the World - Peter Diamandis & Steven Kotler

This is a must read for anyone that wants to understand the disruptive technologies afoot in the marketplace. I believe that understanding these concepts give the everyday entrepreneur an edge that will help you from “I’ve got an idea,” to running a successful company faster than anytime in history. It also focuses on the psychology you need to take advantage of these BOLD new opportunities. If you don’t read any other business book this year, read this one.


The Talent Code - Daniel Coyle

This is a book that explains how seemingly untalented, normal people become the top performers in their field. Its a step-by-step guide to becoming the very best at what you do. This book will open your eyes and encourage you. The only caveat is, it does involve work.


Deep Work - Cal Newport

This book is about how lots of people are doing shallow work, and not going deep. The book postulates that we are too distracted with TV, apps, email, etc and we are only skimming the surface of deep, focused, work. The people who can go deep, meaning give themselves fully to highly focused work without interruption create indispensable quality in the new age of technology. The book also talks about how currently, people are measured on being busy and not on being productive. Understanding this concept can give the modern day professional a strategic edge.


What We’re Reading Now

Building a Story Brand - Donald Miller

We’ve both heard a lot of great things about this book. Its about how to tell the story about what you do to potential clients or patients. So far its fascinating . . . have you read it?


What are your favorite books for Growing Your Business? Is there one book that changed your life? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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Anna is a physical therapist who enjoys designing websites for other healthcare clinicians in private practice. She started her own private practice in 2018. Eric is her husband, and has run a successful business for over 40-years. Many say he is a marketing genius, Anna tends to agree but she may be biased.

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