The Healing Hands of Dr. Wilcox

Dr. Wilcox is a physical therapist and owner of Solstice Physical Therapy in Colorado. Her clinic specializes in finding the root cause of chronic conditions and utilizing holistic techniques to effectively treat pain and dysfunction. The reviews of her clients are testimony that she is a source of inspiration, hope, and wellbeing to people who have not previously gotten the results that they deserve.

The interview

Dr. Lisa Wilcox, PT, DPT, Cert-DN Owner of  Solstice Physical Therapy  in Westminster, Colorado

Dr. Lisa Wilcox, PT, DPT, Cert-DN Owner of Solstice Physical Therapy in Westminster, Colorado

When did your passion for physical therapy (PT) begin?

 I was in 8th grade when I was dragged along to my mom's PT appointment for her knee pain. I was mesmerized and immediately felt at home in that clinic. I started volunteering there and LOVED it! I had multiple injuries in high school sports that required PT and those experiences solidified my future aspirations.

What lead you to go into private practice?

 I started my private cash-pay practice in 2017. I just did not feel right about limiting people's treatments due to insurance restrictions and the amount of documentation was becoming outrageous and taking up more time than I had with my patients. I knew that there was a way that I could treat patients as individuals, using the best treatments for their particular needs, and not be limited by insurance restrictions. It feels amazing to know that I am able to give my patients my absolute best, every day!

People who aren’t getting better elsewhere are getting results with you. What is your secret?

Longer treatment times, completely one-on-one with a doctor of physical therapy in a private office with no distractions, and completely customized treatments - definitely no protocols or cookie-cutter programs here! John F. Barnes Myofascial Release techniques yield incredible results, and when combined with other manual techniques like gentle dry needling, cupping and joint mobilization we are able to make huge changes for people that have not had great results with previous treatments.

Did one person stand out in career as making a very big impact on you as a clinician?

I had an amazing, smart and talented instructor for my last clinical rotation and she opened my eyes to the power of manual therapy. I will be forever grateful to her for directing my career and continuing education path towards manual therapy.

What was your greatest inspiration for Solstice Physical Therapy?

 Knowing that I could provide my patients with a much higher level of care, and be able to fully incorporate myofascial release techniques because I now have longer treatment times.

How has Logolalia’s website helped you with your business goals?

 It's so much more professional than my previous website and I am now proud to guide people to my site and it is a much better first impression. I am excited that I can continue to make changes as my business grows and evolves!

What has been the greatest challenge about starting Solstice?

Getting the word out and educating people about how we are different from other physical therapy and bodywork practices. The new website really helps with this!

What has been Solstice’s greatest accomplishment so far?

Before opening my practice, I was working very long hours, often had very long commute times and would spend a lot of my nights doing paperwork. I wanted to have a baby, but wasn't sure how I could work and have time for a child. 3 months after starting my practice, we were blessed to find out that we were expecting a baby. I have been able to spend such amazing quality time with my daughter, am able to make it home for dinner every night, and am no longer stressed or burned out after seeing up to 30 patients in 1 day. My family's quality of life has improved immensely and I am so happy after work now because I truly feel like I'm changing people's lives everyday.

What do you know now you wish you could have told yourself when you first became a physical therapist?

That much of the long hours, paperwork, insurance battles and other difficulties of traditional PT practice was all worth it, because the journey led me to this!

How do you see Solstice evolving over the next five years?

I see myself and 2-3 more therapists helping as many people as we can to live their best lives! After my pregnancy and childbirth experience, I realized how much we are lacking in pregnancy and post-partum education and rehabilitation. I would like to increase my reach within this population in order to prevent the pain and dysfunction that can manifest when people do not recover well.

What do you want to tell people living with chronic conditions who want to feel better?

Don't give up! If one type of treatment or therapy doesn't give you the results you're looking for, there are so many options out there - keep searching and keep an open mind.


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