Website Design for the Large Private Practice

Website Design for the Large Private Practice


For the Outpatient or Mobile Large Practice


  • Less than 35 pages of content

  • Outpatient or Mobile practice, but not both

  • Staff less than 25 people

Website includes:

  • Search engine optimization

  • Sixty minute training with screen-sharing for you to update website / blog

  • Thirty minute training on how to upload inventory to online store

  • Assistance with creating / transferring a domain

Our one-on-one tutorial includes:

  • A screen sharing tutorial x 60 minutes

  • I teach you how to update content / blog

  • We will register you on google business

  • We will link your domain and business email

  • I will teach you how to perform search engine optimization (SEO) updates

  • I will teach you how to improve your google ranking

Website design does not include:

  • Cost of your domain ( $8-$20 / year, you pay to the third party i.e. godaddy, google, Squarespace)

  • Cost of your host ( $ 175 / year the first year with Logolalia’s discount, then you pay $216 / year to Squarespace)

  • Uploading greater than 20 items into an on-line store

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